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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Success Story of Stammer Freely Google Hangout audio/video Conversation

   Success Story of Stammer Freely Google Hangout conversation

L-R : Jagbir Singh, Vishal Gupta, Anshul Neema, Nenad Rendic

Introduction :: StammerFreely Google hangout is a platform for stammerers in order to improve stammering and communication through video/audio conversation with the group of stammerers. Stammer Freely has been running successfully since 14+ months. It was started in September 2012 and hopefully it has been running with much and more efficiency.

Brief Story about Stammerfreely :: The story about how the idea came in our mind to start the stammer freely hangout so in July(2012) because we used to join Stutter Social hangout which is also a global hangout for stammerers. After attending 2-3 hangout sessions, I met Nenad Rendic in that hangout and then i took his skype id and sudden I thought why can we not start the hangout for Indian people who stammer and for global stammerers too so finally I and Nenad decided to begin the hangout at 9:30 pm(Indian Time). 

Turning Point :: Since we have several groups in facebook page like the biggest one is "Stuttering Arena" approx 1900 stammerers there from all the countries and apart from that we have many online forums too. what I used to do, I simply put the hangout link in that pages with the title "come, join us and start to practice your speech. After this i think many stammerers used to come and finally after 6-7 month we had got a good no. of people in our circle so after that I made the official blog site for hangout which is www.stammerfreely.blogspot.com and in that blog we put the register form by which new people can subscribe us so that we can give them a link. 

Current Position :: Right Now we have 110 Indian PWS and 55 outside PWS in our circle and have 7 days hangout session at 10 pm to 11:30 pm. We use to organize one hangout on air(live) once in a two month so its also the way to advertise the stammering in the whole world and also to help other stammerers.

Activity :: we use to do the following activities :-
Introduction, Round Robin Game, Role-play Game, Story Telling Round, Tongue Twisters Reading, Voluntry Stammering, Story-building Round, Theme based Speech, Eye-contact introduction, some other SHG Games. 

Aim :: To give good information to all members and to practice much more openly because we are doing hangout in-order to improve stammering and also to improve communication so this is the platform where you can "stammer freely".

Four Pillars :: As you all can see the title of this post "Four Pillars" so yes all the credit goes to our Host who are doing fabulous job to host the hangout session even they are working they have less time but nevertheless they are very much loyal and responsible guys. Let me introduce each one :

1. Pillar

Nenad Rendic : He is the most inspiring person I have ever met, He is from the Croatia, lives in the city Spilt and He is 72 year old retired merchant navigational officer in marine and has also done electrical engineering too. He use to host the hangout on Friday-Saturday. He use to say "I am brand new" and I fully agree with this because he is very active person too and about his stammering he says that he was a severe stammerer till the age of 66 or 67 but he always had a positive mind-set that one day he will speak without stammer or with no fear but now he has achieved  a good fluency in his speech or practically he never stammer. 

2.  Pillar

Anshul Neema : He is from India, lives in Gurgaon, working as Manager Finance & Accounts in MNC He is married and has a daughter :) He use to host the hangout on Monday as he is working but he use to join every day. But he is the most creative guy in our hangout because he has joined Toast master club, he puts various activities in the hangout and which is really an asset  I mean without those activity hangout looks like very empty or unfilled and he is one of best host in our hangout :) no doubt. 

Famous activity of Anshul :: Round Robin Game and Theme based Speech

3. Pillar

Jagbir Singh : He is from India, lives in New Delhi, working as a video editor in Delhi, he is married and use to host the hangout on Wednesday but joins the hangout every day. He is our new host and looks like experienced one because he is full of confidence and good way to communicate with others.

4. Pillar

me(Vishal Gupta) : I m from India, lives in Ghaziabad, working as web/graphic designer in mobile development company and have done engineering from computer science branch. I use to host the hangout on Tuesday and Thursday but join the hangout everyday. 

Future plan ::  To find more host for our hangout,  to start the parallel hangout in Hindi language and to give more chance to new members. 

Message to all PWS :: Feel free to join our group conversation it doesn't matter that how much english you know or how much you stammer so take one step and join us with our regular hangout sessions. 


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